Ball screw bearing BF – Dimensions and specifications (free end screw)

A special ball screw bearing BF support is used to fix the screw from axial runout. BF and EF series screw bearings are metal housings with a bearing inside. Supports of this series are designed for the free end of the ball screw screw, i.e. are holding and perceive only radial loads.
For CNC equipment, ball screw bearings BF of the following sizes are often used:
BF10, BF12, BF15, BF17, BF20, BF25, BF30, BF35, BF40.
All popular ball screw support sizes can be found in the table below.

Ball screw bearing BF – Dimensions and characteristics (loose screw end)

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The BF mounts have a standard radial bearing BF that has a minimum free play inside the mount housing in the axial direction. At the same time, it securely fixes the ball screw from displacement in the radial direction.