USB CNC controller – connection and description

Interface board CNC controller with USB port for 4 axes to control the CNC machine.
Description of how to connect the CNC controller from USB, port diagram.

CNC controller with USB – Connection and pinout of the CNC board on 4 axes

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USB CNC controller for 4 axes buy in Ukraine


Number of axles: 4
Color: Blue
Cable: USB
Compatible programs: MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2 Mach2, Master5, TurboCNC, Step2CNC
Computer connection: USB cable
Supply voltage of the digital part: up to 10 V
Maximum current consumption of the digital part: 500 mA
Power supply voltage: up to 24 V

The CNC USB Control Interface Board allows you to connect up to four stepper or servo motor drivers to a PC equipped with a USB port. It distributes the signals from the USB pins to the screw terminals, thus making it easier to connect drivers.