Nema 23 – Dimensions and specifications (stepper motor drawing, table)

Stepper motors are one of the most important components of CNC equipment. Therefore, when choosing to assemble a CNC machine, a 3D printer or a laser engraver, it is important to correctly calculate and select the required Nema 23 stepper motor model. This page shows the characteristics and dimensions of the most popular engines:
23hs5628, 23hs3230, 23hs7628, 23hs7630, 23hs2430, 57hs11230, 23hs8230, 23hs8430 and others.

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Nema 23 dimensions (drawing)

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Nema 23 – Characteristics (table)

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A stepper motor is a synchronous brushless motor with multiple windings in which a current applied to one of the stator windings causes the rotor to lock. Sequential activation of the motor windings causes discrete angular movements (steps) of the rotor.

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